CITA // GC workshop // Istanbul 2009


CITA  //  GC workshop // Istanbul 14th 15th September

Workshop tutors :      Jacob Riiber – CITA, Copenhagen

Martin Tamke – CITA, Copenhagen

The aim of the workshop is to give an introduction to the versatile possibilities and usages of Generative Components. The workshop focuses especially on a parametric modeler as engine allowing for new ways of conducting design.

Within the two day programs different techniques into generative design with conditional parameters will be introduced and how this can directly link into fabrication. Hands on examples will provide the participants with arguments as to why parametric and generative design is needed in a contemporary architectural practice and how this presents a new potential for architectural design.

The goal of the workshop will be to supply the participants with sufficient knowledge to continue working with the program by themselves.

This fast-moving workshop covers most of GC functionality aiming at explaining the skills needed for non-scripting modeling in GC.

The workshop will consist of a basic introduction to the software, a series of tutorials and examples of how GC is used at CITA. The tutorials are cornered around case examples, which provide the link to professional practice – providing a red thread throughout the two days.


Generative Components in the latest official release and Excel 2007 installed and running on your laptops.


Location: Yildiz Technical University, School of Architecture 3rd floor, Besiktas İstanbul.

Start:     14th September at 9AM.

Detailed Schedule

Day 1 – Introduction

–          GC Interface

–          Workflow: Views, features and transactions

–          Theoretical framework:

  • 3D space
  • Input:  variables and types
  • Arrays

–          Geometry

  • Points
  • Lines
  • Arcs and Circles
  • Splines
  • Surfaces
  • Solids

–          Interaction of Geometrical entities

Day 1 / Day2 Tutorials

The tutorials will generate a basic understanding of GCs interface and logics. It will introduce the participants to the us of basic geometrical drawing features such as points, lines, surfaces, polygons as well as coordinate systems, directions and planes. Techniques how to control the system, by internal and external relations will be introduced in an up-building series of complexity.

The tutorials will cover these areas:

–          Linking features

–          Graph Variables

–          Arrays

–          Basic functions (Series, distance, transpose etc.)

–          Feature creation

–          Linking to excel

Participants will have build a series working parametric models with differing computational complexity, control systems, component types and output possibilities. After the two days period If time allows we will give a brief introduction to scripting in GC at the end of the second day.


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