Kaustuv Ecotect-GC Link (september 2009 update)

Here is an updated version of the link for Microstation v8i Generative Compoennts to Ecotect . It was tested with GC but should be compatible with newer releases as well unless some core functions have been renamed again. Place the dlls in the Default GC Assemblies folder and load them. Run Ecotect first and then GC.

Also, during SG, Kaustuv noticed that large files was not working – something seemed to ‘time out’ the calculation – he figured out recently that the problem was in the way the communication link was setup and if Ecotect didnt respond within a certain time period (which happens if its running a large calculation) GC thinks that Ecotect has stopped running. In anycase this new link takes care of all that and have been tested for very large files (calculation time over an hour).

The link has dlls, example gct, and instruction in a zip file. You should have the Ecotect program installed. Also some new images below with large amounts of data – looks quite promising and exciting.

solar analysis

daylight analysis


  1. Hello, it seems that the link you have posted contains no DLL. Only the examples and instructions. Could you please post the libraries also? Or am I missing something? Thank you.

  2. The dll in the folder is blocked for some reason:
    This is the message that comes out:
    “Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server removed a file since it was found to match a filter.
    File name: “winmail.dat->EcotectLink_v8i_R3.zip->NDde.dll”
    Filter name: “FILE FILTER= unnamed: * “

  3. for anyone that is still following this, this link in Bentley’s communities might be relevant..:

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