Populated Surface meets Excel

Populated Surface meets Excel

For working with excel in Generative omponents one needs to install the DLL Bentley.GenerativeComponents.Office.dll (usually placed under C:\Program Files\Bentley\GenerativeComponents\Assemblies )

And have an excel file with numbers (here . outBitmap-1.xls )

1. Create a Polygon that serves as testground

2. Start to build the feature
Create variable o for openiong (0-1 )
Create variable h for height (0-4)
Create line on the surface using the vertices of the olygon ( polygon01.Vertices[4] )

3. Hide line

4. Add local coordinate sytems using its z direction to make line and to curves: one o the edge by the vertices, one connecting through the lines end

5. Put on bSpline Surface

6. Add second curve set

7. Add second surface and hide things that should not be visible in alater point

8. Generate feature

9. Create surface to apply the feature
And populate it with points point on surface by UV points – using series command (Series(0,1,0.2) )

10. Create a polygon using the polygon by PointGrid feature

11. Populate Surface with created feature

12. Go one step backwards
13. Have a excel table ready “outBitmap-1.xls”

14. Read in the excel file “outBitmap-1.xls” using the excel range feature

15. Populate using the excel range

16. Adjusting height value


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